MESHFREE is a powerful simulation tool aimed at complex geometries and physics. In many simulation workflows the preprocessing step of grid generation and grid adaption is time consuming and leads to increasing costs in product development. FRAUNHOFER has realized this bottleneck in nowadays simulation softwares and created with MESHFREE a solution that  follows an innovative point cloud approach which allows  engineers  to analyze their product design without the deficiencies that come along with a mesh.  The  software can adapt efficiently  to fast moving geometry elements such as stirrers of mixing devices or  the movement of free surfaces at  instationary flows,  that would result in large overheads in computation time when conventional mesh based  simulation techniques are employed. 

It implements a general continuum mechanic approach  to cover a vast variety of nonlinear physical phenomena  like non newtonian fluids and complex materials. Hence, MESHFREE is capable to perform all kinds of simulations like  water management applications ,  avalanches, formation of foam,  press-fit stem processes, sophisticated fluid-structure interactions  and many more.

A modern  GUI  where the user is able to directly specify  the physical model at the geometrical data allows to focus completely on the physical model rather then aspects of the software configuration. For advanced  users, MESHFREE also provides the capability to execute simulation scripts written in its own, easy and well-documented scripting language. This guarantees the maximum degree of simulation automatization.  Also, in post processing  MESHFREE focuses on user  friendliness. A powerful and flexible post processing unit can extract information from the raw simulation data so that the user can directly draw conclusions that are relevant for the product design.

MESHFREE is not a static software. It is under continuous development by FRAUNHOFER’s expert developers to ensure its status as cutting edge software, adding new features and keeping the numerical methods up to date with latest research results.  MESHFREE puts the process of virtualization in product development to the next level. Make sure to be part of the future!