Computer simulations are an indispensable tool in the design of products and production processes. Virtual models replace real models. In the creation of this virtual world, mathematics is a key technology. At Fraunhofer, we combine mathematical modeling with HPC expertise to provide powerful simulation tools.

In common simulation workflows, the preprocessing step consisting of mesh generation and adaption is very time consuming. It leads to increasing costs in product development. With MESHFREE, we provide a solution to overcome this bottleneck. The simulation tool follows an innovative point cloud approach, avoiding meshes, and thus enabling engineers to design their products much faster.

MESHFREE is a Powerful Simulation Tool for:

  • fluid dynamics
  • continuum mechanics
  • multiphase scenarios

Video: MESHFREE »Getting to the Points«

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In practice: An overview of the whole range of applications in our MESHFREE video.

Steffen Hagmann from Porsche, one of the project partners, explains how they use the software in vehicle development. Our expert Isabel Michel and expert Jörg Kuhnert explain in which other areas MESHFREE is used.

Powerful Simulation

Our software MESHFREE enables virtual product development in the early stages of design.

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