MESHFREE puts the process of virtualization during product development to the next level. Make sure to be part of the future!

MESHFREE adapts efficiently to moving geometry elements such as stirrers of mixing devices or the movement of free surfaces. In conventional meshbased simulations such scenarios result in large overheads in computation time.
A general continuum mechanics approach is the basis to model a vast variety of nonlinear physical phenomena like non-Newtonian fluids and complex materials. Hence, MESHFREE simulations can cover a wide range of applications, such as water management, avalanches, formation of foam, press-fit stem processes, sophisticated fluid-structure interactions and many more.

Postprocessing Tool

In postprocessing, MESHFREE focuses on user friendliness as well. The powerful and flexible postprocessing unit extracts information from the raw simulation data so that the user can directly draw conclusions relevant to product design.

MESHFREE is not a static software. It is under continuous development by Fraunhofer’s expert developers to ensure its status as cutting edge software. The team adds new features and keeps the numerical methods up to date with the latest research results.




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