Food Industry

When designing processes for the food industry, the following performance parameters may be taken into account.

  • Energy efficiency of the process
  • Quality assurance: minimization of product defects
  • Minimization of waste
  • Efficient cleaning processes – balancing hygiene and cleaning stops

For overall performance optimization, a detailed understanding of the individual processes is essential to unlock hidden potentials. Virtual modeling of these individual processes can be performed already at an early planning stage leading to design proposals or in an existing production chain to optimize process parameters.

MESHFREE is a software tool specializing on the virtualization of processes driven by fluid dynamical phenomena, such as:

  • Transport of ingredients e.g. on screw conveyors
  • Mixing and Stirring
  • Baking processes
  • Melting and Coating
  • Cleaning

With its flexibility in including complex material models and its naturally adaptive handling of complicated and changing simulation domains, MESHFREE is an ideal virtualization tool for a wide range of applications.

MESHFREE Use Cases – Food

Froth Formation

Like almost all fluids in the food industry, beer shows complex fluid dynamical behavior. On the one hand, froth formation is desired as indicator of freshness, on the other hand, excessive froth formation might lead to unwanted spillovers. We have long-standing experience in modeling froth formation and combine this with MESHFREE's particular strength in modeling free surface flows.

Baking Processes

In the context of baking processes, the following tasks might arise:

  • How to steer the temperature in order to get the desired baking result in terms of crust?
  • How can the baking form be designed to avoid casting defects in the product?

MESHFREE is able to handle the complex material models around temperature steered expansion and hardening processes – let it be muffins or bread:

Cleaning Processes

The optimization of cleaning processes offers great savings potential – balancing product defects due to contamination versus system shutdowns during cleaning. MESHFREE is capable to model cleaning processes involving cleaning nozzles, sprays, and the effect onto dirt particles.

Cleaning Jet with Fixed Position

Cleaning Jet with Moving Position